Today at a pet store at the Irvine spectrum there was this girl who was so cute that i was talking to. she came up to me. i didnt even get a name nor a number:( gosh im such and idiot.

With my ex’s best friend. Odd thing is, she asked me to take her friend out lol. Supposedly the most romantic date shes ever been on. It is cool cause this was my most unprepared date ever and it turned out to be the best. Beach at night and hot chocolate at one of my fav restaurants. Great night. Guess things happen when ya least expect it. Dont know if thatll be anything but I had a fun time so thats all that counts!

When you can just enjoy someones company and not feel obligated to do anything (kissing). Just you and them talking and laughing. 

with some tattoos:) and is cool and likes edm

Saw one of the most gorgeous girls ever at yogurtland tonight. Why do I have to fear rejection so much:/ I can’t even talk to a girl unless it’s on a social networking site. Fuck I’m lame.