Any coming up? Perferably on a tuesday or sunday!?

I got into this around this time last year. in a very dark time or depressing stage of my life. College got tough, a failed relationship, friends disappearing and off to bigger and better things. I briefly listened to old guys like Daft Punk and others when I was younger, but this time around I fully submerged myself. I never knew how much it would not just change me, but also my life. I was so depressed. But with this music, I just got lost. Got so lost in a world of its own. I didn’t go to my first electronic concert till Skrillex’s show at The Glasshouse in Pomona, and Audiotistic this summer.  Just by this music and these beautiful shows, I have become happier and more positive. I’m learning to respect and love myself and others more. I’m more optimistic. I have gone through a lot ( maybe not as much as you) but a lot for my emotional intake. I still find ways to stay positive and smile. So a year later here I am writing this, happy as can be. And its all because I lost myself in EDM.


Sebastian feat. Mayer Hawthorne - Love In Motion (Skrillex Remix)